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Home Mindful is a blog about sustainability that focuses on eco-friendly habits and solutions to bring harmony into your life.

Our Mission

The planet is our home, and it’s in dire need of help. 

While individuals have little impact on the current and upcoming global problems, we believe in the power of slow progress made by many. 

We believe that a shift in our mindset as a society is a must if we’re to repair the environment and our connection to it.

The movement has already started. We’re asking for more alternatives, raising more questions, and trying to change for the better. Success doesn’t happen overnight, and that’s fine. We have the patience and perseverance to work for a greener world. 

The future is shaped by the young and the open-minded. And our mission is to educate anyone willing to seek sustainable solutions in the hope of a brighter tomorrow.

Our Core Values

Whenever we need guidance, we lean into our core values for help:

Contribution: We must all do our part to preserve the planet. Not all of us have the time to volunteer daily, but we can all adopt small sustainable habits to change our lives. The Home Mindful team tries to do that by combining and sharing our knowledge, expertise, and positivity.

Honesty: We’re writing for our readers in the hope of building a community that shares our values. So, we’ll always present the facts as they are. We won’t recommend any product or service that we don’t use or don’t believe in.

Social Responsibility: The only way to move forward is together. We do our best to give a personal example to our readers and all people around us. 

Improvement: Working on ourselves, our habits, and our environments gives us purpose and motivation. As we start seeing the effects of climate change, we don’t stand a chance unless we learn to adapt quickly.

Quality: We seek high quality in all aspects of our lives and come back to report on what we find. Green solutions aren’t always as perfect or as green as they claim to be, so we believe in testing and trying them out ourselves.

Meet the Team

There are the people that move the project forward with passion, vision, and dedication.

Vessy — Founder

Ever since I watched my first climate change documentary in my teenage years, I’ve felt compelled to raise awareness, take action, and do my bit for the planet. 

Sadly, I’m no scientist. 

But while I can’t promise you a sure-proof way to avoid an environmental disaster, I can take you on a journey to a greener and more harmonious life. I’ve dedicated years to finding solutions and products that make my home sustainable. And now it’s time to share them with you. 

If you find value in these pages, I’d appreciate it if you paid them forward. That’s how we can build a strong community, spread our message, and make an impact.